Mindset: Trusting the Process

MindsetTrusting the ProcessThis month is all about mindset.  In my experience working with hundreds of women, I hear from my clients on a lot of areas of struggle and concern as they work towards meeting their goals. While many of these things are unique to each individual its pretty common that they stem from issues surrounding mindset more often than not.

Think about it— the way we our thought process works, the frame of mind we have, the people we spend time with and words we hear affect much of how we formulate our mindset. And mindset is the catalyst for success or failure….especially when it comes to staying committed, consistent and believing in a process, or even believing in ourselves.

That thought leads me to the heartbeat of todays blog post— Trusting the Process.

The reality is, the journey towards weight loss, building muscle, changing bad habits, becoming more healthy, etc. are all attainable goals, that are realistic and can happen but they won’t happen overnight.  They won’t happen after two good workouts or two days of eating clean or even two weeks. The results that are lasting and a result of hard work take time.  Not only time but dedication and consistent effort week in and week out.

This is why mindset is of the utmost importance.  I’m sure many of you have seen the “meme” out there that says the following:

“It takes four weeks for you to see your body changing - It takes eight weeks for your friends and family to notice and twelve weeks for the rest of the world!” KEEP GOING!!

Here’s the thing, your goals may not be rooted in changing the way your body looks only, but the truth in this quote no matter what your goals are is that nothing worth having comes overnight or comes easy.  Truth be told, and its not always easy to hear— it takes putting in the work even when you don’t feel like it.  It takes showing up when you’d rather take a nap or eat a cake, it takes scheduling and sticking to said schedule…. it takes forfeiting instant gratification for prolonged victory.  Friends, it takes a SERIOUS decision and commitment from day one to stay the course and to TRUST that what you are doing will payoff over time.

My heart for you today is to start believing in yourself, your journey and to understand that every time you show up the results are slowly following— every time you make the choice to stick with what you said you’d do, you’ll be one step closer and one accomplishment deeper into creating a habit that will impact your life positively as you apply it in each area of your life you have goals. This is about transformation from the inside out and it happens when you put the work in day after day.

My three tips this week on trusting the process look like this:

  1. Don’t stop believing - you set goals for yourself and when you set them they had significance to you.  Maybe you haven’t been spot on so far this year— there is no better time than now to recommit and start the process.  Again, every small victory will add up to a large one, a met goal when you plan every day and follow through with your actions.
  2. Celebrate each milestone - yes! There will be times in this journey that you will start to realize you ARE succeeding even if you have a ways to go to get to your end goal.  Did you lose some inches and find yourself down a jean size? CELEBRATE THAT WIN! You noticing the changes is reason enough to be proud!  Reward yourself for consistent hard work when you reach your smaller goals and feel good about yourself all through the process.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are like minded in mindset- Serioulsy— “surround yourself with people who lift you higher”  When we spend time with people who affirm our goals, speak life and affirmation we are SO MUCH MORE likely to stay strong when you are struggling.  There is nothing like having a friend to call when you want to quit— the friend who will tell you lovingly to snap out of it and keep going!  The voices that influence us are huge when it comes to mindset so make sure those voices are positive!

Everyday you choose to honor your goals you are one step closer to accomplishing them.  Lets decide to find joy in the journey and to TRUST THE PROCESS along the way. You’ve got this, friend!

Cheers! Jenny