Can Mindset Really Effect Your Results?

Can Mindset ReallyEffect Your Results-Mindset. In short- this set of beliefs or thoughts that can in total can be summarized by saying the following about ourselves: “I can do this” or “I can’t do this.”  Mindset is what helps us or hinders us— Jump on your phone or computer and search for fitness meme’s and you will have no trouble coming up instantly with hundreds of these that aim to inspire you.  Whether its a “tough love” or “inspirational” tactic used, there is no question each of these quotes, memes or words of wisdom are put out to the world to invoke thought and ultimately to inspire you to get after your goals and to truly push yourself!  This leads me to the topic of this blog: “Can Mindset Really Effect Your Results?”

I’ll have you stop and consider a time in your life when you have worked to meet a specific goal, change a habit or overhaul your lifestyle you likely had something in your arsenal to keep you engaged, motivated and moving forward.  This “something” could have been a motivational book, accountability partner or group you were a part of.  All of these things contribute to helping you have a mindset that is focused on success and what you CAN do.

Our frame of mind can work for us and against us. In the same way a positive mindset can help us in life, a negative frame of mind can also be detrimental to us as well.  When we focus on the negative we will struggle. Its the “garbage in, garbage out” concept.  What we put in our mind has the ability to impact how we live and the kinds of results we achieve or fall short on.  This is why its so so important to have positive voices in our lives….to help us fill up on good and affirming things that will be a catalyst for a “can do” attitude.

Consider these things:

-What are you most focused on: healthy living or living for the moment?

-Who you spend time with: positive influences or people who constantly drag you down?

-What do you do with your time: are you filling your time with things that help your mind grow, believe and think affirming thoughts, or junk that drags you down?

If you are struggling with positive mindset, take heart! You can change your habits and get on the right track: Dr. Michael Mantell  ( has some great tips for getting started:

1. Catch it: Become aware of the voice telling you that exercise or weight loss are tests of your abilities, a success or failure experience, one that will make you look good or like a failure.

2. Challenge it: With mindfulness and attentiveness, ask, “Who says it is a measure of your abilities? What about it makes it a pass or fail experience?”

Do you believe that once you fail you can never do better? Do you think that you don’t have the ability? How about thinking that you can learn to do something, little by little. How about recognizing that most success has failure along with it? How about thinking that great people have all had failure along the way, and it’s a key part of the learning process? How about recognizing that self-doubt kills more dreams than actual failure ever has? Yes it may take time, but that’s how all accomplishments occur.

3. Change it: The voice you listen to, the voice you feed, will grow. Practice looking at a situation in both mindsets and feel the difference. Then decide… Choose the path that you feel stronger in and that is more motivating, more energizing and more hopeful. Undoubtedly, it is the growth mindset.


You are capable of doing amazing things with your life, and it all begins with mindset. I encourage you to start today— change your mind, change your life, get the results you desire.  There is no better day that today to start and I’m always here to get you rolling.

Cheers! Jenny