Making your resolutions stick this year!

3-tipsmaking-yourHere we are, three days into the new year.  For many of us, the journey is just beginning and we are on our way with enthusiasm! For some who have already made resolutions— the feelings of uncertainty and doubt have already started to settle in.  Friends, let me encourage you today that while making resolutions are usually rooted in good reason, a shift of focus from resolutions to setting meaningful goals may be just the ticket to stay the course.  Here are three tips from my heart on how to make your “resolutions turned goals” stick in the months ahead:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people and what they are doing- DO YOU.  If you were to log off social media this week and take the time to figure out what your goals are, what your resolutions are and not have outside influence and “seeing what she’s doing” I am confident you’d feel confident in knowing your personal goals with 100% certainty.  Search your own heart, and trust it.  Bring your thoughts to God and ask Him to direct you, cast of the influences around you and know yourself enough to dig deep and choose goals specific to you.  When you know what they are and you are committed to keeping your eyes focused on your own path, it will be easier to stay the course.
  2. Pick smaller goals that you can accomplish one at a time that lead you to accomplishing one or two BIG goals this year.  Don’t overdo it, pick one to three big goals that will push you outside your comfort zone and make you grow, but understand that HOW you’ll get there will take strategy and time.  Commit to breaking down your goals.  What will it take month by month, week by week to accomplish your BIG goal? Focus on those little goals each week and month that will lead you to accomplishing your big goal without the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how you’ll do it— every choice compounded will get you to the end result.  
  3. Write down your resolutions and put them somewhere you will see them daily.  On a mirror, in a journal, next to your Bible, or prayer notes.  And then share them with a few friends that you know will check in on you, push you and keep cheering you on.  There is nothing quite like accountability AND support.  Those who love you and want to see you succeed are the ones you can count on to keep lifting you up and cheering you to your victories! We all need prayer warriors, cheerleaders and trusted friends in our journeys— and be that person for someone else too!

You CAN make 2017 your year, one you’ll look back on with a triumphant attitude and a sense of completion and victory.  Commit to your goals and your why and know that you can do all things through Christ who gives you the strength you need!

Cheers! Jenny