Carbs are NOT bad.

1459484046CARBS. Seem to be a hot topic quite often and a cause of concern for many individuals on their health and wellness journey. There are so many trends, diets, fads and honestly just a wealth of information at our fingertips these days and it can become outrageously overwhelming to know how to decipher what is best for your body.  Today, I want to talk about understanding why carbs are NOT, I repeat NOT, bad for your body. But first, an understanding that not all carbs are created equal.

There are two types of carbohydrates: “Simple” (refined) and generally attached to processed foods (i.e.: cookies, soda, chips, breads, etc). These carbohydrates are made up  with simple sugars that are quickly broken down and digested in our bodies— They also contain little or no fiber. Then we have a “complex” which are the best for those of us striving for healthy choices that are clean. Complex carbohydrates are found in vegetables, and fruits and these are typically the best bet.  Complex carbs are higher in fiber and and digest and are absorbed by the body more slowly, making them the optimal source for fuel and energy.

And an interesting fact you may not know, is that carbs that are HIGH in resistance starch, actually speed up your metabolism. WHAT?! Really?


Carbohydrates that are high in resistance starch (for example navy beans) speed up your metabolism and your body's other natural fat burners. The fatty acids that are released during digestion, actually preserves muscle mass and lights up your metabolism.

We need carbs in our diets and to fuel our workouts.  Timed with the days you hit the gym to lift weights or get a hard workout in, you need those healthy carbs to fuel your body.  Carbs are broken down into glucose, for fuel.  Without carbohydrates, we can count on feeling sluggish, out of sorts and our bodies will not run at peak performance.

The biggest thing about utilizing carbs is knowing when and how to integrate them into your regular nutrition to get optimal results and feel in control of your carb intake.  I would LOVE to expand on this and even teach you how in my 4 Weeks to Fat Loss: The 30 Day Carb Cycle Solution Bootcamp. 

In this virtual bootcamp that I offer, I teach you the following: - Why carbs are good for you - How carbs help you lose weight - How to time your workouts according to your meals - How to burn fat effective - How to eat more and workout less and still lose weight

Friends, carbs are NOT bad! I would love to help you realize that and help you reach your goals by eating more carbs! Check out more info here.

Cheers, Jenny