Why YOU should work with a trainer

Why YOU should work with a trainerWe can all recall a season or two in our lives (maybe even now) where we have truly struggled with our fitness routine. Lack of commitment, finding ourselves in a rut, complacent with our current workout plan, or truly just not knowing how to move forward. These and other situations that are similar can largely be the reason we struggle, become disinterested or lack seeing the results we work so hard to achieve. However, a trainer can change that. If you workout at a gym or are on social media at all, the likelihood of being exposed to personal trainers or training advice from a personal trainer is high. Maybe you’ve scrolled past an offer or paid attention from afar in the weight room but have you ever truly considered what working with a personal trainer might do for you? If you have goals, big or small-- today, I’d love to give you a different perspective as to what working with a trainer might bring to the table for you and finding success in your journey.

First off, your trainer is there to be a sounding board for you— what are your goals?

What has been hindering you from seeing the results you want?

Do you know how to start the process?

Scared of the weight room or overtraining?

Any question you have about the process and how to get going in the right direction are the areas your trainer will address, assess and help you get the answers you need. This is where we start— your questions and concerns are important and are the starting line of the journey. Here are my top reasons working with a trainer WILL help you succeed no matter where you are in the journey and process.

Why should you work with a trainer?

1. To find the appropriate training program for YOU. Everyone is different, aside from goals- the fact is your body is one of a kind and what works for “her” may not be best for you. When you hire a trainer, our goal is to find the right solution and plan customized to YOUR needs and your body. Then we work to tweak and refine as we go, taking into consideration how your body is responding. What might be right for one person may or may not be the best fit for you, but your trainer should be the one to help guide you to and through the process to find your program match and to keep pushing you towards growth.

2. To be your Cheerleader or Drill Sergeant— Ha! But really, as a personal trainer it brings me nothing but joy to be a cheerleader and motivator for my clients. To help them to see all that they are capable of and able to do, even when they don’t see it quite yet for themselves. Helping my clients achieve success and to blow their expectations out of the water. Most of the time all any of us really needs is someone who believes in us and tells us “yes you can” and won’t let you forget it. I can’t do the work for you as a trainer, but I can sure be the consistent voice in your ear reminding you all that you are capable of. And lets be honest, on the days you just don’t want to or feel like the “white flag of surrender” is the only option, as your trainer I will tell you otherwise even if you don’t want to hear it. When you hire a trainer you have someone in your corner- not only guiding you through the process but cheering you along and speaking words of encouragement to you along the way.

3. To keep you in the know and always learning-knowledge is power! As a personal trainer, I’ve spent countless hours and even $$$ investing in my education and building my areas of knowledge so that I can offer the best and most well rounded education to my clients. I have tested, tried out and experienced much of what I offer to you. I’m proof the product I offer works! And because of that, I can offer my clients the most comprehensive and intuitive programs and services with confidence. And if I don’t have the answers on hand, I have the right pool of educators and influencers to learn from and then to extend and apply that knowledge with you. The training I can offer to my clients is something close to my heart and it is my absolute honor to impart the knowledge I have gathered and the experiences I have to propel my clients towards lasting success.

So why not try it out?

I want to let you in on a secret too.... even trainers have trainers! (as seen in the above photo)

If what you’ve read resonated in even a small way— if you need a jump start, a new start or someone to train you hard and cheer for you each step of the way, this may be the time for you to invest in someone who can be the guide you need in this next season or chapter in your wellness journey. Whether it be in the gym or online, I’d love to partner with you to help you blow your goals out of the water. Working with my clients has been an absolute joy and privilege. Please reach out today if I can help get you started or point you in the right direction!

Happy Training! Jenny