5 Reasons to Try New Workouts

5-reasonsto-try-new-workouts-1When it comes to working out and exercise, most of you (including me) are creatures of habit. You like what you like and you do what you know. And while that isn’t a bad thing, did you know that to get results you are looking for you NEED to mix up your workout routine. In fact, studies show you should switch up your workout routine every 6-8 weeks. Nothing is better for your body and muscle confusion than switching things up and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Its also a great idea to think outside the box so you don’t get bored in the gym and lose your motivation or plateau. If you are finding yourself struggling with lack of interest, not feeling like you can push yourself or you are just not seeing the results you desire it's time to consider a change for sure.  Plus, it's just good for you to try something new and see if it ignites a fire! We all want to get the most “bang for our buck” when it comes to time spent in the gym so take a look at my top 5 reasons you should try a new workout:

  1. To break past your plateau. Your body gets accustomed to what you are doing day in and out when it comes to you workouts and will actually stall in progress if you continue the same thing for too long. I suggest trying something new and that will push you past your current limits. Work your body in a way it is not used to, you’ll also work your brain too! Try mixing up your daily routine and adding in and taking out some of the exercises you do daily or weekly. Integrate some HIIT or Speed Burst trainings as well.

  1. Make things exciting again. I’m sure you get bored doing the same thing all the time, right? I know I do. So why not make things exciting by switching it up and trying a new plan? There are countless resources out there from pinterest to youtube to the trainers in your local gym or even online that will be able to help you shake things up and find a new stride that will challenge you in many ways. This will help the boredom and actually help you push yourself harder than normal and we know that equals results.

  2. Focus on building new or underworked muscles. When you try new things, it forces your muscles to work differently-- in a way they are not used to. This will help work those muscles you didn’t even know you had! It will also create a desire for you to continue to research how to continue to grow those new muscle groups which in turn will help you keep learning and to keep things interesting and fresh.

  3. Decrease your chance for injury. When you work the same muscles over and over again with the same workouts, you have a higher risk of overuse injury. So switching things up will actually help you decrease the risk of injury. This will truly challenge your body and keep everything in balance. Being in control of this is a big deal and will help you stay in a groove and keep your body on point. No one wants to lose progress due to a preventable injury.

  4. Opens your eyes to new things. We all can get in the rut of the same exercises and not being open to new workouts or new techniques. When we give ourselves permission to try something new it allows you to see what else is out there that may actually work better for you, better yet- it may be fun and better for you! When we enjoy what we are doing in with regard to our exercise routine we are more likely to stick with it for the long haul and that is beneficial in countless ways.

Lets let this year be one where we break out of the box and explore different avenues of fitness- whether that means grabbing a whole new lifting program, integrating some group fitness classes, supplementing with fun and uplifting programs from home or even working with a trainer.  There are SO many amazing options at our fingertips in the world we live in today.  Stretching our minds and bodies will yield results that will have us craving more and changing our physique in ways we desire! Get outside your comfort zone and know that with that comes empowerment as you learn new things.  As always, I’m just a email away and always happy to help guide you! Cheers to trying something new!