Tempting treats in your workplace?

untitled-design-2This time of year is difficult when it comes to treats being readily available. Around every corner is a pack of Christmas cookies, hot coco or holiday chocolates! And the office place is one of the worst places to try and stick to your nutrition goals. Not everyone understands what it means to make healthy choices and people get a lot of "flack" for not indulging. Trust me, I know because I've been there. Here are my top three tips to avoid the temptation of the holiday treats in the office place:

1. Bring your lunch (and snacks). You would be amazed at how much easier it is to say "no" when you have an alternative food choice! So pre-plan for the day and pack your own lunch.

2. Find an accountability partner. Having a workplace buddy on the same journey you are on is priceless. Someone who gets it and helps you stay accountable in the moments of weakness is key! So find a partner that you can continue on your health/fitness goals with - especially during these holiday months.

3. Create a workplace competition. Nothing is more fun than a little fun competition around the holidays! Create a workplace competition that is geared around 'maintaining through the holidays'. Having a full office atmosphere of trying to stay healthy thru the holidays is key to success. Invite everyone to participate and come up with a fun prize at the end.

The office is a hard place to stay focused on nutrition but I promise you, it is worth it and you can influence many people around you. So try your hardest to stay on track and be a good example to those around you. One last tip I have would be to get your workout in FIRST THING! Don't wait until the work day is thru to get your workout done. You will be more likely to stay on track and beat temptations if you start your day with a workout.

Cheers and happy holidays friends! Jenny