Christmas Day Workout

unnamed-1Christmas week is here! While the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and running around may have you breaking a sweat, there is no better time than today to sit down for five minutes to plan out a few workouts this week. You may feel hard-pressed to find time to squeeze them in, but I promise you won’t regret making your workouts a priority this week. Not only will working out help you burn off some of those extra calories you’ll likely be consuming durning the festivities, you’ll appreciate the stress relief that comes from getting a solid workout in. After all, getting the serotonin flowing after a great HIIT workout, lifting session or some fasted cardio is something you'll be happy about after each completed workout. It is always my mission to help you to be successful and to stay consistent in your healthy lifestyle- and Christmas week is no exception! I want to encourage you to strive for and to plan 3-5 workouts this week, write them into your schedule and (just like an important meeting) DON’T skip it. Whether its 25 minutes or a leg day, get it done and set yourself up for feeling successful this week even with all of the Christmas festivities you have planned.

For Christmas day, I’ve created this quick and effective workout that will have you feeling energized and ready to take on the day with some spunk! Plus, its more likely that after you workout you will be a little more conscious of what you are eating throughout the day as well. I hope you’ll utilize and enjoy my “Christmas Day Workout” from the comfort of your own home (no need to head to the gym for this one)!

Complete circuit 3 times (click for link to see this series)

o 20 Push-Ups o 30 sec Burpees o 20 Lunges (each leg) o 30 sec Standing Mountain Climbers o 20 Crunches o 30 sec High Knees o 20 Tricep Dips o 30 sec Plank o 20 Bicep Curls o 30 sec Jumping Jacks o 20 Military Press o 30 sec Jump Rope o 20 Bent Over Flys o 30 sec Jump Squats

Merry Christmas to you and yours! And I look forward to sharing with you and working with you in 2017!



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