3 Tips for Enjoying Holiday Treats and Not Going Off the Rails

three-tipsduring-theholidaysHere we are in the month of December, easily for many of us one of the most busy and chaotic months of the year.  And while there is much to be enjoyed and celebrated, parties and treats seem to be everywhere we look! Let’s be honest, you are probably going to have your favorite christmas cookie (or three), cocktails and a few lavish holiday meals.

That’s totally okay!

During the holidays (or in life in general) there is no need to feel like you need to be depriving yourself of things you enjoy. Moderation is key and balance is healthy.  That being said, sometimes we find that by the end of the week we feel sluggish, bloated and icky from sugar, dairy, gluten overload.  Today I want to share with you three tips to help bounce back from over-indulgences and staying on track overall.  In the big picture, a few treats won’t derail all of your progress, but lets talk about a few ways to help you enjoy the season and still feel your best!

  1. Don’t skip your workouts.  Its super easy to skip workouts on the days you indulge because you may feel like if your are eating something “bad” that the day is already a loss.  Not true— it is even more important to get those workouts done on the days you choose to indulge or enjoy some treats.  Getting a good lift or HIIT workout in will help your body to burn calories and keep your metabolism working.  If possible, get your workout completed first and then enjoy your treat.  After a great leg day or solid workout you’ll burn more of those calories you’d rather not hold on to.  Prioritize your workouts and don’t talk yourself out of it. You will feel so much better getting them done.  Take time each week to look at your calendar and plan to workout on the days you know you’ll be attending a holiday party or someone is bringing a tray of your favorite Christmas treats to the office. 
  2. If possible, after a heavy dinner or fudge overload, fast as long as possible the next day and keep filling up that water bootle.  Giving your body time to digest and repair after eating foods you don’t normally eat or over-indulging will help you bounce back and beat the bloat.  Shoot for a 16 hour fast from the time you eat your last bite and head to bed.  Break your fast with something healthy and protein dense and continue to drink water throughout the day.
  3. Keep a food journal or use a tracker app to document your day.  There is accountability built in when we have to write down or track what we are consuming.  When we take the time to track our food we also think about what we are eating more.  This will help keep you in check and instead of having something unhealthy at lunch AND dinner, you’ll be more likely to not over do it and you will feel accomplished and on track overall while still enjoying a sweet treat or special meal.

There is no shame in enjoying your holiday favorites, a glass of wine with friends at your holiday party, or family dinner—’tis the season and there is not need to feel guilt! Its my hope that implementing these tips above will help you both enjoy and still feel in control of your health this holiday season.

Cheers! Jenny