Wow! I cannot believe it is NOVEMBER! Where has the time gone? Each week this month I will be posting a blog "all things T".... today it is THANKFUL. This is the perfect month to be thankful. And today I am THANKFUL for IIFYM (if it fits your macros). I have to start off by saying, I am so blessed and thankful for my clients. The women I work with are truly inspiring and I absolutely LOVE working with them and teaching them new things.

So let's talk IIFYM. This term is widely used in the fitness community and confuses a lot of people. IIFYM or "if it fits your macros" is a way of flexible dieting so that you can still enjoy treats and don't feel deprived from any certain food.

Let me briefly explain the basics.

The most important thing to understand is "macros". Macros or "macronutrients" are the three basic components of food: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. Each macronutrient is needed for a well-balanced diet.

However, with that said, depending on your goals, you can adjust t he amount of each macro that makes up your day.

For example: on a rest day, you may want to lower your carbohydrate intake since you will not be utilizing the glycogen stores from the carbs on a workout. But on a heavy workout day, you may want to increase those carbs a bit to give you energy to get through your workout. Whatever your goal may be, you can reach it by focusing on your macronutrients and WHERE your calories are coming from rather than just calorie intake.

So why am I so THANKFUL for IIFYM?

The “flexible dieting” approach decreases your chances of binging on bad foods. It promotes including more foods and stops the mentality that you can’t have certain things. Following this plan also gives you the flexibility for social situations and to feel “included” in these settings, the ability to dine-out with friends and be able to enjoy that glass of wine with no guilt.

I am so thankful for this approach to eating over the holidays! Who wants to follow a strict dieting plan in November and December when you KNOW for a fact that you will be tempted?! Not this girl!

If you are curious to learn more about IIFYM and how to find balance over the holiday season, check out my free mini eBook here and consider joining my next live training on IIFYM here!

I hope you take time this month to think of what you are THANKFUL for.

Cheers! Jenny