Why YOU should be taking PROBIOTICS: Just Thrive

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jenny with probiotics“Are you taking probiotics?” “No mom, but I will pick some up next time I’m at the health food store.” That’s the reply I would give, but time after time I would come up with an excuse, or just forget like always! It wasn’t until about a year ago that I actually took my mother’s advice seriously. And, like I’ve said many times since then, taking a probiotic is KEY to health and weight loss.

But I still get asked why…

Here are my top 3 reasons YOU should be taking a probiotic:

  1. Probiotics help break down food correctly and promote good digestion.
  2. Probiotics increase healthy gut flora, which can actually lead to weight loss and can help reset your metabolism.
  3. Probiotics boost your immune system and help keep you healthy.

So what is a “probiotic”? Just Thrive states:

pro·bi·ot·ic: a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities. A probiotic is NOT a “probiotic” unless it arrives at the site of action (the intestines) alive where it goes to work providing its probiotic benefits. Without probiotics, the body’s complex system of digestive organs is unable to properly digest food or absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Probiotics also inhibit harmful bacteria and boost the immune system. A live, active probiotic is your key to vibrant health and well-being…which can all be found inside Just Thrive.

I have been using the Just Thrive probiotic capsules in the mornings with breakfast the past month and have fallen in love with them. The capsules contain probiotics that are able to survive the stomach’s naturally harsh acid. And, the probiotics can also grow in spite of the unhealthy food we sometimes eat, which isn’t great fuel for them.Thrive Probiotics

Just Thrive provides digestive support (and I know I need that since I no longer have my gallbladder) and has eased my bloating and gas. According to Just Thrive, the strains that are in these probiotics have been shown to help digest food, helping to releasing important nutrients for us to absorb that sometimes we may not get fully out of our food.

After using the Just Thrive capsules once a day for the past month, I have to say, that I am impressed! I have had reduced bloating and overall my gut feels healthy!

Check them out at www.thriveprobiotic.com!

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