Skip the 5's

Skip the 5'sIf there is one piece of equipment I have in the gym that I think is completely unnecessary, it would be the 5lb weights.

I honestly don’t understand why we have them and why people choose to use them.

With my clients, the people I’m training in person as well as through online programs, I don’t ever use 5 lbs,  and here is why.

You can do the 8s!

Go up to the 8s.

Your body can handle an 8 lb weight.  Shoulders, arms, back, tris -- whatever you are doing they can be done with 8 lb weights.

You might have to reduce your reps, but you’re going to see better results.  You’re going to see those reps increase a heck of alot faster with those 8s than you are going to see with the 5s.

Put them away.  Walk away from them.  Don’t pick them up. Unless you’re moving them out of the way to pick up the 8s.

Here’s what people get stuck in their heads – they’ve done 5s for so long they think the 8s are to heavy so they just stick with the 5sIMG_0012 and add more reps.  It’s not really going to build strength.  There’s nothing in this world that is exactly 5lbs.  Unless you have really teeny tiny babies, every baby is more than 5lbs.  So pick up the 8s. Don’t be a wuss. Don’t cheat yourself out of results.

Pick up the 8s. Or better yet... work yourself up to those 10s and 15s! Just do it.

Cheers! Jenny