Leading by Example

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]4 years ago I made a very conscious decision to lead a healthier life. I hadn’t always made great choices with my meal choices, or activity level and I wanted to be sure that I was the healthiest I could be for myself and my family. And I wanted to be sure that I was being an example of a healthy lifestyle for my children to look up to. I have three amazing daughters! I always said that I wanted to be a boy-mom, but here I am with three of the most amazing souls as daughters, and I am so proud of them. They have been so supportive of me during my journey, especially since I’ve become owner of a gym. We spent hours at the gym together, and although I know that they would rather not be there all the time, they make the most of it. There are days when they join me during my cardio sessions, or cheer me on during my lifting. I love having a cheering section at the gym, and I love that my girls see me in my element. It’s important to me for my girls to see me working hard, and making choices to live as healthy as I can.

I do my best as a mom to lead by example. I do my best to flow between business owner and mom. To show my girls that you can be a business woman and a mom, to have a career and still have quality time with your children. I let them bake with me and help me cook so they see the food choices we make. It gives me a chance to talk with them about why we choose one thing over the other.  And I let them see me in the gym, because I want them to know that being healthy is a choice, and it takes work, because it’s easier to maintain than to try and get it back.

What can you do this week to get your kids involved in your workouts, or cooking, or even an activity? Getting them involved in the choices you’ve made not only keeps you accountable but also helps create a habit for them too. Talk about your food choices, your workouts, get outside for an hour or two. Lead by example, and let’s create a healthy lifestyle for our kids now.

Cheers! Jenny