10 Minute Morning Workout

There are some days when you look at your schedule and it’s impossible to get to the gym. You’re going on a field trip with your kids class for the day, or you’re running around with a long to do list or appointments. Or you’re going to be home with a sick little one who needs snuggles all day.  We all have these days, and even though sometimes they jump on us, there are times when we know they’re coming. If you’re a planner, like I’m trying to become (hehe), then just set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier and fit in this great morning workout. This 10 minute circuit will start your day off right and keep you energized all day.

10 min Morning Routine

This 10 minutes in my morning make me feel less guilty about not hitting the gym hard later in the day, or even as a great start to get a little fasted workout in first thing! This is also amazing to do 4x a week to kickstart a new routine. And it’s just 10 minutes. Skip Facebook for the morning and do this, you’ll feel great after I promise!

Download a printable version of the work out here.


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