Losing Weight with Probiotics: Silver Fern Brand

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A few months ago I was introduced to Silver Fern Brand products, and since then I have tried a variety of their baking mixes, pancakes, popcorn, and Wai probiotics. I truly have been 100% satisfied with everything that I have tried and have researched a bit more about what makes Silver Fern Brand different. Silver Fern Brand is committed to offering HEALTHY alternatives to the much craved junk food. With no added sugars and only natural ingredients, they have been able to create delicious, satisfying, AND healthy treats. For me, I have seen the biggest effect from using the Wai Drink Mixes (pre- and probiotics).

Losing weight and/or keeping it off is directly related to gut health – something I have become very familiar with recently. According to research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan in his article in The Whole Foods Magazine on June 27, 2016, http://www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/blog/could-the-right-probiotic-be-the-magic-weight-loss-pill/, gut bacteria determines if a person is overweight or not. Good gut bacteria can convert food molecules into compounds that prevent fat storage and inflammation, whereas bad gut bacteria can do the complete opposite.

What is so amazing about this is that you can actually reprogram your metabolism and gut bacteria with the right probiotic/fiber combination. Krishnan states, “The consumption of fiber paired with the right probiotics is a key element to changing the metabolism. The right probiotics will convert fiber to short-chain fatty acids (SCAFs), which control the entire metabolic process. SCFAs regulate the balance between the making of fat (fatty acid synthesis), the burning of fat (fatty acid oxidation), and breaking down and absorption of fat (lipolysis) in the body. Fat burning is activated by SCFAs, which actually inhibits the production of stored fat and lipolysis. The studies published on SCFAs show a direct effect in the increased SCFA formation in the gut by good bacteria and their stimulation of fat burn, increased fat loss, and reduction in fat accumulation.”

Probiotic DrinkYou can promote fat loss or fat storage based on your gut bacteria and probiotic use. What I have found with Silver Fern Brand Wai Drink Mixes, is they are not the typical probiotic because they contain bacillus endospore species (which is needed to grow the good bacteria) and are able to coat the gut all the way through. Krishnan goes on to say that we can reprogram our bodies to start growing the “good” bacteria with the right probiotics (Silver Fern Brand Wai Drink Mixes), in conjunction with intermittent fasting.

In a recent interview with personal training consultant Amanda Tress, Krishnan explains that certain “good” bacteria only grow when you are in a fasted state. He explains that doing a 14-16 hour fast about 5 times per week is extremely beneficial when reprogramming your metabolism and increasing your good gut bacteria. Krishnan states that fasting actually increases the mucus level needed for the good bacteria to grow and increases your immune system as well. It also increases the human growth hormone, utilizing fat as fuel instead of sugar, and allows your body to rest from producing insulin. Watch the interview here!

This is such great research. We are able to recondition and CHANGE our metabolism to start burning fat more efficiently and digest food better with the right probiotics – Wai Drink Mixes – and intermittent fasting! I absolutely love Silver Fern Brand for this reason. All of their products contain probiotics and are high in fiber. They are low in net carbs, high in fiber, and can actually help you lose weight! Now we can truly enjoy these guilty pleasures without the guilt behind it.

After a few months of continually using these products, I have felt a change in body. I am burning more fat, my digestive system feels great (and that says a lot with having no gallbladder), and I can honestly feed my children HEALTHY treats without the guilt. These products have been a game changer for me and my family. I would recommend Silver Fern Brand to anyone.

Get your probiotics HERE: Silver Fern Brand Wai Drink Mixes - I PROMISE you will not regret it!

And a little secret to my 4 Weeks to Fat Loss clients... I will be sending these out as a welcome gift! So be on the lookout!


Cheers! Jenny[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]