Why interval cardio is best for fat burning

5798518_orig If you are wanting to blast through fat, sprint intervals are by far your best option.

Not only does it blast fat, it also builds muscles, tones your legs and tightens your abs all while elevating your mood with those endorphin's.

Sprint intervals consist of a short "on" period follow by an "off" period. For example, I typically like to complete my sprints on the treadmill at my gym. I do about 20-30 seconds "on" at a speed where I am giving 100% of myself. During that time, I feel like I could literally pass out! After that, I either jump off on to the side of the treadmill or I slow the pace to walking. This is my "off" time that consists of 30-40 seconds. My heart rate is able to come down and I can catch my breath.

One of the perks of interval cardio training, is that you can do it WHEREVER, and with WHATEVER type of machine you want! You can sprint (like I mentioned above), you can swim, you can do the elliptical, spin bike, or even stair stepper! You can also adapt this to meet your needs! You can easily modify how hard you can go during your "on" time. It doesn't matter if you are super fit or just starting on your journey - intervals are doable for anyone.

So why is interval cardio the best for fat burning?

High-intensity sprints (or interval cardio) increase the rate of metabolism due to trying to recover from the lack of oxygen during the sprints. It also keeps your metabolism working long after you're done. In other words, with this type of cardio, calories continue burning well after you complete your sprint session. Sprinting burns off that fat layer while building and toning the muscles underneath because it is working to repair the muscle tissue and replenish your cells (even your abs).

It is true that low-intensity cardio utilizes 50% of its energy from fat but that cannot compare with the long after-burn of sprinting. High-intensity sprints start out using 90 percent of its calories from carbohydrates and 10 percent from fat, however the longer you do them, the percentage quickly changes. This is  why I typically do sprints on a "low-carb" day. When I have very few carbohydrates in my body that day, I quickly burn through those and go straight to fat-burning. However, don't be confused, low-carb is fine for sprinting but your body needs those carbs when you weight training and for other day-to-day functions. If you are curious about how you can cycle your carb intake for the best fat-burn possible, please check out my Carb Cycling Bootcamp

Happy sprinting friends!