Why and how to meal prep.

6115324_orig Talk to any professional in the industry and they will tell you that meal prepping is an essential part of any diet or meal plan! But the same is true even if you aren't "dieting" and you are simply living a healthy lifestyle.

Let me tell you, I am a mom of three very busy girls and when I don't meal prep on for a few hours twice a week, it is hard to stay on track and meet my macros I am trying to meet. Meal prepping is such an important factor in staying on track to your health and fitness goals. Not only does it allow you to make healthy choices but it keeps you on track with proper portions and hitting those macros (like I mentioned above)!

Why is it so important? 1. It keeps you from making unhealthy choices.  When you are hungry it is so easy to just grab whatever is convenient, right? Well when you have healthy food options that are already prepped, you can just grab and go! Bam! You made a healthy choice! 

2. Saves time. How often do you find yourself standing in front of your refrigerator wondering what to eat? Let alone actually preparing every single meal? I can tell you from experience that I have spent hours upon hours the past year alone just staring into the fridge! And then once you decide what to have, you have to actually prepare it. Meal prepping allows you to prepare all of that yummy healthy food in advance saving you time.

3. Saves money. Meal prepping saves money in a couple different ways. First, how many times do you run through a drive-thru to grab breakfast, lunch OR dinner just because you didn't have something planned? It happens all the time. Secondly, when you go to the grocery store not knowing what you will be making that week, it is very easy to grab whatever "sounds good" at the time. Planning out your meals allows you to buy in bulk and know exactly what you will be having.

Some tips. Now if you are looking for an example... here is what I typically do. Sunday evening I meal prep for breakfast and lunches for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. I know what we are having for dinner each night but I typically don't prep that. And then on Wednesday nights I prep for Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. Sundays are easy for me and I usually just have leftovers or I enjoy lunch out with the family.

I typically plan to have the same (or similar) meals the first three days and then switch it up and prep different food for the end of the week. For example, I just got done prepping and I made a huge batch of hard boiled eggs, baked sweet potatoes, dijon chicken, and asparagus. I also chopped up all the fruit, cucumbers and carrots and placed in baggies for quick easy to grab snacks.

This can be fun too! Have your kids help in this process! It can be fun to eat healthy friends!

Happy prepping!

Cheers, Jenny