Weight loss plateau: How to bust through it!


Breaking through a weight loss plateau (1)Do you feel stuck and not able to bust through a weight loss plateau? This is a very common thing and I get asked constantly how to get past this and back to losing weight. I wanted to share with you a few of my top tips on how to blast through that plateau.

Here are my top three tips on breaking through that plateau:

Change up your workoutsYour body gets used to doing the same things over and over and this can really limit your weight loss. Changing up your workout can really shock your system and push you past that plateau. This can either consist of switching up your weight lifting routine by adding/decreasing certain exercises all together or by simply changing up the days and times you typically workout

Add in HIIT cardio and/or fasted cardioWhen you start adding about 15 minutes of interval training to the end of your workouts, your body begins to burn fat at a much faster pace than if you do steady state cardio. But be sure to do this AFTER your weight training so those glycogen stores are already used up and you go straight to using fat as fuel. Fasted cardio in the mornings before you eat breakfast can also have you burning more fat and jump start that metabolism. Read more about why interval training is so good in my previous blog here, or more about fasted cardio here.

Switch up your diet just a bitTry increasing your calories and carb intake on your heavy training days, and decreasing calories and carbs on your non-training days. By switching things up, your body can go in to fat burning mode instead of fat storing mode much quicker. Just a simple change in your day to day diet can make a huge impact on your fitness goals.

I hope by trying these few things out, you are able to bust through your weight loss plateau and get back to burning fat and hitting your goals! Cheers!