How I took control of my health after three pregnancies in four years: My Fitness Story

548876_orig I don't even know where to begin...

As a child, I was not "over-weight" by any means, but I was not taught what it meant to be healthy and fit and active. I was the kid who was made fun of for not being "athletic". I was the butt of many many jokes. Some of which have always stuck with me and I feel have shaped who I am as an adult.

As a young adult, I still hated exercise. I didn't care what I ate. I gained that 'freshman fifteen'... well actually twenty! It wan't until a couple years into college that I began the awful counting calories which became a very unhealthy habit of mine. I would save up all my calories until after dinner just to go get some Cold Stone Icecream! WHA?! Who does that?! Yep, me.

After years of struggle and miscarriage, my husband and I finally had our first daughter, Taylor. The pregnancy and delivery did not go as planned and I fell into depression pretty hard after she was born in 2007. My body was not what it once was and at that time, I didn't care. I ended up having to get my gall badder out one month after my c-section with her. This is coming from a girl who had never even had a bloody nose or broken bone or anything! I was scared. (Read more about my postpartum story here)

Eight months later, I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, Ellie. I ate everything in sight and kept gaining weight on top of the weight I had from my first pregnancy. The stretch marks kept on coming too... I hated it.

Between my second and third daughters, I began do some at home workout dvd's and tried to eat "better". I was able to drop the weight I gained from those first two pregnancies however, I had no muscle definition whatsoever. My weight also would fluctuate up and down all the time. It was a struggle.

In 2010, I found out my third daughter, Averi, was on the way. I was so sick with this one. The only thing that made me feel "ok" was greasy food... and McDonalds... yep, gross. I again, gained ALL the weight I had lost back... gaining over 60 pounds. I was the heaviest I had ever been.

After she was born (via c-section), I had no energy. I had two little girls at home and a baby in my arms. I had three kids in the last four years. I was lost with myself. It was about taking care of them - all while trying to hold down a job and my own company.

About a year after Averi was born, I was tired of being tired. I joined a local gym and started exercising and doing hours of cardio of which I HATED. I would watch others weight train and became intrigued by it. I tried it. I fell in love. I began seeing some results I wanted by weight training and doing about 15 minutes of cardio following my weight training. This was so much more doable for me. And with the excitement I had from my results, I started truly eating better.

The weight continued to drop and my body changed. It became stronger. More toned. I was able to do things I once couldn't. I had more energy. I felt alive.

Others began asking me what I did to change my body so drastically. I told them - weights.

I continued lifting weights and pushing myself. I researched as much as I could about these things and how to properly feed my body.

In 2014, I decided it was time to make this new found passion of mine, a career and reality. I studied to become a certified personal trainer. I loved this. I wanted to share with others what I had learned and taught myself.

I got certified. And then God opened more doors. The gym owner where I worked out at and had planned to train at, approached me about buying the gym from them. What?! Me?! I have owned businesses but never a gym!

So at the end of 2014, I bought a 24 hour gym and started growing my personal training business... both in person and online. A year and a half later, I have an amazing 24 hour gym with some wonderful class instructors. I also have a team of like-minded women surrounding me on Team Body & Soul all striving to help others and supporting each other along the way. And not to mention my clients... man do they mean the world to me. I wouldn't be where I am without their trust in me.

I can honestly say that now, at the age of 33 with three daughters, I am as strong as I have ever been... physically, spiritually and mentally. I am in love with life.

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