Why I drink lemon water every morning

9652605_orig Every single morning I start my day with warm lemon water! And here is why... (These lemons from Palm Springs are HUGE)

1. Drinking water first thing upon waking (before you eat anything) awakens your metabolism as well as your vital organs. This starts your day off right and gets you burning those calories right away and more so throughout the day. There is reports and evidence that drinking lemon water can help maintain a healthy weight due to the increased metabolism. When you consume a glass of water before each meal, you tend to eat less as well.  Lemons also contains pectin fiber, which assists in fighting hunger cravings. BENEFIT: Increases metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight.

2. Drinking water, especially warm lemon water, first thing in the morning helps improve digestion and flushes your body of toxins. When you sleep, your liver and kidneys work overtime so it’s important to get fluids in right away. This helps flush out the toxins first thing in the morning. It also helps improve digestion throughout the day by loosening toxins in your digestive track. BENEFIT: Improves digestion and flushes system.

3. Lemons contain vitamin C as well as potassium. When you consume these first thing in the morning, your body has a better chance to absorb the vitamins effectively which can help with your immune system. Vitamin C is also good for the adrenal glands which can help with stress levels. BENEFIT: Boosts immune system.

4. Drinking lemon water on a consistent basis helps decrease the acidity in your body. It helps remove uric acid in your joints which is one of the causes of inflammation. BENEFIT: Reduces inflammation.

5. The vitamin C in lemons is needed for collagen production, which is needed for clear, healthy skin.  The antioxidants in lemons also help decrease blemishes! BENEFIT: Healthy skin.

I hope you now start adding this to your diet!