Protein Pancakes: Review of Silver Fern Brand


I LOVE pancakes, but I don’t always feel good about feeding them to my family. I love to experiment with different types of “healthy” homemade pancake recipes, looking for a better option to box mixes. The problem? My husband and kids never seem to really enjoy my healthy creations – all they want is the old-fashioned Bisquick mix, which I am never thrilled to feed them! Why do my “healthy” foods taste gross to them? As a personal trainer and wellness coach, this frustrates me! I teach others to lead a healthy lifestyle, yet I can’t get my family to enjoy healthy alternatives.

So I was thrilled when I found a new protein pancake mix from Silver Fern Brand Paka Baking Mixes, and I couldn’t wait to test it. Not only did it promise a healthier alternative, but it was going to be so much easier than my homemade experiments. After all, who has time to make their own protein pancakes? Not this busy mom!


I was SO excited to try these … like truly excited because my love for pancakes and breakfast is crazy! And secondly, as I examined the label closely ... yep! It all looked incredible to me! These pancakes have: ·      No added sugar ·      Whey protein ·      Wheat and oat flour ·      Flaxseed meal ·      Coconut oil ·      High fiber ·      High protein


These are all things I was grounding up myself in my “experiments,” so these pancakes definitely met all my nutritional requirements! But then came the questions: Would they truly taste good? Would my family approve? Seriously, no added sugar? Would my kids actually LIKE these to start their day? Oh, and would they be dry like a lot of my homemade pancakes are?I decided to give them a try for a Saturday morning breakfast. Here goes nothing, I thought.

A few things caught my attention right away; first, they were super easy to mix up and second, the recipe made 3 huge pancakes (just for me to start)!

The family sat down to try the pancakes, and let me tell you, they surpassed ALL expectations! Seriously, they are amazing! These pancakes from Silver Fern Brand were fluffy, moist, and delicious. But most of all, they are HEALTHY! They met my nutritional expectations while meeting the taste expectations of my husband and kids. My girls (who are 9, 7, and 5) even asked for “more healthy pancakes.” I cannot rave enough about these pancakes! Silver Fern Brand protein pancakes solved the issue I had with my kids and husband not enjoying a healthy breakfast with me, and I am so thrilled to have found them. As a certified personal trainer and wellness coach, I wholeheartedly recommend these pancakes to anyone.

Please check them out at SILVER FERN BRAND !