Gluten Free Brownie Bars: Review of Silver Fern Brand

9741894_orig This mama has a sweet tooth … in a very bad way. It has been my struggle for years. Many years ago, I used to diet in the worst way possible … I would save up about 75% of my calories in the day just for dessert. Yes, I know, this is crazy! But that was me before I was educated on proper health and nutrition. So after trying the Silver Fern Brand Protein Pancakes, I knew I had to try the guilt-free Gluten Free Brownie Bars! Because, if I could find a “healthy” dessert option, my life would be forever changed!





What I liked most as I read the label on these Cookies & Cream Brownie Bars was that they are gluten free, have no added sugar, and have low net carbs! They are also high in protein, which I love for building muscle! But would they truly satisfy my sweet tooth? (BROWNIE BARS)  The kids and I enjoyed baking these brownies -- they were very easy to throw together! And let me tell you, the kids were so excited that we were actually making treats, because this mama doesn’t usually keep treats in the house due to the temptation!

The box said to bake the brownies at 350 degrees for about 12-13 minutes, but I found  that it took closer to 20 minutes before they were baked all the way through. But when they came out of the oven, the house smelled absolutely YUMMY! But, then came the true test. I knew that I liked the ingredients in these brownie bars, but I was skeptical that they would actually taste good and that the whole family would enjoy them. Would they fill that craving for sweets?  After the first bite, the results were in … AMAZING! These brownie bars were actually GOOD! The kids thought they tasted like cookies, and I thought they were truly better than any protein bar I’ve ever had. I will be using these as my treats from now on! And best of all, Silver Fern Brand ( has a variety of different treats. I can’t wait to try the cookies and lemon bars next!







Seriously friends... you MUST check out these brownies! AMAZING!




~ Jenny