Love Yourself

Do you love yourself? Let me ask that again... do YOU truly love YOURSELF?

This is a tough concept to wrap your head around sometimes. In our culture and day in age, we get so wrapped up in how to please others... how to make others like us. With our jobs, looks, personality, etc. This is so easily done on Social Media. And trust me, I can be the worst at wanting others to "like" me. But for a minute, I truly want you to think... do you love you?

Take some time to digest that. Mull over it. We really need to change the way we think of ourselves first and then the rest will fall in to place. Personally, I know that when I am happy with me, I am typically a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, sister, friend.... all of it.

What about you? What is ONE thing you can do this week so that you love yourself more? I challenge you to spend time in prayer and to find that thing and then do it. Wrestle with God about it and really pinpoint what you need to change so that you can start LOVING yourself and being proud of yourself. You guys, if Jesus loves you... why not love yourself? He thinks you are worth it and so should you.

Some simple things you can do to start loving yourself more: - FORGIVE yourself... this is tough but needs to be done - SPEAK TRUTH to yourself - SPEAK AFFIRMATIONS to yourself - BELIEVE you are special and unique - DO what makes you feel most alive for a career etc - HAVE fun - DON'T make yourself the butt of jokes - ACCEPT compliments - DON'T compare yourself to others