A Guide to Better Health and Career - Part 2: Are you truly happy?

7616941_orig Are you truly happy? I have been reflecting on this question often lately. Am I truly happy in all aspects of my life: my spiritual journey, being a mom, being a wife, my fitness journey, and my career? All of these different areas come together and feed from each other. So, if I am not happy in one area, it will affect other areas. With this blog, my hope is to give you tools to empower you to sit down and to reflect on your life.

In part 1 of this blog series, (Your Life, Your Rules), I challenged you to start eliminating the negative from your life. I hope you made a list of what you disliked about your life and took the action steps to begin eliminating the negative. But now, I want you to focus on what you WANT for your life. What you DREAM for your life.

I once heard that you must take an “intermission to rediscover your mission.” How true is this? I challenge you to take a time out. Pencil in a few hours to get out of the noise of life. Turn off your phone, turn off the TV, turn off the computer. Disconnect from anything that is pulling for your attention. The first 20 minutes, I challenge you to pray. Spend time in prayer and talk to God about your dreams, hopes, and desires. Pour out your heart and ask Him to show you where He wants you.

For the next 20 minutes, I want you to take a blank piece of paper and at the top write the words “I love to…” and “my dreams are….”  Fill in those blanks with as much content as you can. Remember… you can NOT have a dream come true if you refuse to dream! So dream BIG! What is it you want for your life? Do you want to change your health? Do you want to change your career? Women…. Listen to me when I say, IT IS POSSIBLE. It IS possible to have the health and body you want. It IS possible to have the career you want – even if it means working from home with your children.

Once you have clarity on what you want your life to be, you can begin to design it. But, it starts with a clear vision. Stay true to you and really think about what makes you excited in life. What is it that gives you drive? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? You will not be able to list these things out unless you are truly out of the noise of life.

This worldly life we are in is a journey. Take this journey you are on and make it the best one possible. You have to start somewhere. Whatever you want to change begins with this first step: acknowledging that you want change. So again, I challenge you to write it out. If you are scared and don’t know where to start or want someone to brainstorm with, I am here for you. Please reach out to me in the comment section below and let’s set up a mentorship call. Or, if you are ready to take the next step in your fitness journey – let’s chat!

I personally struggle with all the "noise" in my life. I get distracted easily and feel like it never stops. That I am on the go constantly. God does not call us to live a life like that! One of my biggest struggles right now to listening to Him when He tells us to rest. But this REST is so important to re-charge and re-discover who we truly are. So right now as I look at the question, "Are you truly happy?".... and my answer would be NO, not in all areas of life. I have so many things that are jumbled up in my brain and I need to disconnect from the world and reconnect with my God so that I can continue to do the work He calls me to do. And so that I can continue to follow my dreams and DREAM BIG!

If you are reading this, know that I am living proof that dreams are possible. I did not start truly exercising until AFTER I had my three babies. I was in a career I thought I loved up until last year. And now, at 32 years old, I am on the journey to being the happiest I have ever been. I am in the best shape of my life, I am building a career that I am excited to get out of bed for, and I am able to do all this while raising my three little girls on my terms! Life is good. God is good.

Dream big friends…. DREAM BIG! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need support.