Workin' from home

9004756_orig I love the fact that my non gym days, I am blessed to be able to work at home thru Beachbody and my other side jobs! But it's been a long day so far and the house is trashed! AHHHHHHH

Woke up not being able to walk due to LEG DAY yesterday! And to the TV burnt out and the house at 62 degrees... so the heat system all messed up!

And I just saw my 4 year old walk by with a towel going into my bedroom where she apparently helped herself to snack... Hmm wonder what spilled on my bed?!

I will have to take a rest day from working out today and get caught up on everything else! Ugh

And now apparently looking at this photo, my picture frames are crooked on my wall! Oh the joys of working from home with your kids!