Migraines vs. chocolate

Wow... what a week! Seriously though - this week has been CRAZY. On Monday, I went to the doctor about my migraines and got some surprising thoughts from her! But first, here is a little history about me and these stupid migraines... My first migraine was about a month or so after I started taking birth control pills about 11 years ago. At work all of the sudden I could not see what I was looking directly at... so weird! I didn't know what was happening but the aura grew and grew. Anyways, the migraines continued on and off for a while. And then after my first and second babies (about two weeks on the dot), I had awful ones! And they continued every so often since then. If you have never suffered from a migraine, it is absolutely AWFUL! I have the migraine with aura - that means it starts with a visual change and sparkling lights in my eyes where I cannot see what I am focusing on. This lasts about 45 minutes or so and then once my vision returns, the pain hits hard. I cannot even describe the anxiety that starts when you first can tell it coming on. These can shut you down for a full day!

So beginning about three years ago, I started to get them clustered all together in the spring time (Feb-May) and then scattered throughout the rest of the year. I could never pinpoint just one thing that triggered them... sometimes I would be doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes it would be right after I got done working out. So some doctors have thought they are seasonal allergy related while others thought it was all muscle tension related.


But anyways, to make a long story not so long, a couple weeks ago I decided to go see my OBGYN about my birth control and thoughts about my migraines in relation. After a long talk about history and everything else... she came to the conclusion she thinks it may be some sort of allergy to my favorite thing ever.... CHOCOLATE! She asked if I drank red wine which I answered "no, because I've gotten migraines from it before". And she asked hmmmm... what about chocolate? "Well yes, of course I eat chocolate!" and then the dreaded question, how much chocolate? "Uhhhhhh everyday." (But at least it was dark chocolate right?! Haha)

So after much more talk about how some foods can cause an allergic reaction that goes unnoticed, she came to the conclusion that chocolate may cause muscle inflammation in my body, specifically my neck! Which in turn, would not automatically cause a migraine. But when paired with stress, heart rate getting too high, or other foods etc... may be the perfect storm to trigger one! She wants me to track what I eat everyday and how my neck feels.

I'm not sure my thoughts about all of it but we decided to eliminate any kind of chocolate or things with cocoa powder in it for a month.... ONE WHOLE MONTH without chocolate?!?!? And today is only day 5 for me! It is so crazy how sugar (and chocolate for me) is an addiction... literally an addiction! Every day my goal is to get through one day. I know it sounds funny, but it is so hard for me!

So here's to me going 30 days with no chocolate....