I choose not to

I have to admit, this "fit" and "healthy" lifestyle gets hard at times! Yes, it's hard not to give in to temptations... but it is even harder to deal with comments made about it. Words can hurt and cut like a knife when people don't understand the lifestyle I am choosing. It's not that I cannot eat or drink certain things, it's that I am CHOOSING not to. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy some things that are not healthy and I struggle with certain temptations ALL the time! But when people around me don't respect it... that is when it starts to hurt. But I am STRONG! I am putting those comments behind me and not letting it get me down. I am living this life that I choose and it is wonderful! I love the feeling after I win with the temptation to over indulge! I love the feeling after an amazing workout... and NO - I don't workout too much (that's another thing I hear ALL the time)! I love the feeling of going to bed at night knowing that I made healthy choices all day long! I love the feeling of waking up in the morning ready to kick butt! And I LOVE seeing progress from the healthy choices I make!

The fact that my little girls can look up to me and tell me their mom is strong and healthy, is more than enough for me! It absolutely fills my heart with joy that I can be a role model for them. So again.... IT'S NOT THAT I CAN'T EAT THAT.... I'M MAKING THE HEALTHIER CHOICE NOT TOO!