Words Hurt

753715_orig I have been struggling lately. Struggling with not letting negative comments from others get the best of me. Struggling with letting those words roll off my shoulders. Struggling with not taking things personal when people complain.

I took on a big feat in purchasing a business. One that I am giving my heart to. A business that I am working my hardest to help people get healthy. But when I continue to get little comments here and there, it is so hard for me not to internalize it all and take it personal. I find myself coming home in tears a lot lately. Does anyone else struggle with this?

My heart is to help people reach their potential and get healthy! And I need to believe this... "My value does NOT decrease by others inability to see my worth."

I need to remember that God made me in His image... To serve Him! Not to focus on what others think of me. My prayer today is that He works in my heart so that I may be a blessing to those I come across in everyday life.