'I'm much happier being fat'

Wow. http://www.today.com/health/meet-joni-edelman-mom-5-who-says-im-much-happier-2D80500771

This fired me up. Being fit OR fat does NOT make one happy. I believe happiness is a choice as well as having joy within that comes from God. However, this woman feels she is more happy now that she calls herself "fat" and not "fit". The question shouldn't be if she is happy or not, it should be is she HEALTHY?!?! Doesn't matter if you are a size 4 or 14 - you should be concerned with being healthy. Does she want to be healthy for her five children? Does she want to live a long life for those kids? And to say that to be that size she was having to eat 1000 calories per day and run 35 miles a week?! That is called under eating and over exercising. I am a size 4 and eat about 1800 calories per day, am NEVER starving, and do about an hour cardio per WEEK! I also have three kids and two jobs yet I am able to make time for myself. I never feel as if I am putting my family last! Me taking care of myself, only makes me a better mom, wife, and business owner. I feel that I am a good mom, a healthy person, eat well, AND I AM HAPPY! I couldn't ask for more!