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How to Gain Confidence in the Gym

We all start somewhere.  Every single one of us has a beginning, a start day, a restart day and we’ll likely have a few of them throughout our journey in health, wellness, and fitness.  It’s also true that we are all learning as we go, adding more tools to our arsenal and finding out what works for us along the way. These are true statements and they apply very much to how we find success in this space.  How we can acquire an attitude of confidence as continue down the path growing, both in mentally with the knowledge we gain and physically as we change our bodies. Today I want to talk about a couple of bonafide ways to gain confidence in the gym.

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Full Body - Bodyweight Workout

There is no time like the present to make working out a priority.  The saying “there is no better feeling than a finished workout” is pretty much fact. Sometimes we literally have to drag ourselves to the gym, but nine times out of ten we leave with an endorphin flow and a bounce in our step. Not to mention the mental clarity and feeling of “I can do what I put my mind to” that influences much of our attitude in the hours post workout.  So I’m going to cut right to the chase and share a workout you can try today to either get started or to mix it up and try something new. Now you have no excuse, friend!

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The Difference Between Think Fit Method™ + FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and How They Work Together for the BEST Results

My greatest accomplishment professionally in life has been helping people live their best life and find lasting success! I personally found this rhythm through wellness; Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.  I’ve never been more motivated to do something with the professional experience and personal experiences I’ve had than I am today. Here’s why: I have the privilege of helping people find balance and health in their lives from the inside out. You may be curious what this means or you may be a follower of mine who knows I have a few irons in the fire and want to know the difference in my programs.  Today’s blog is a quick overview of my two most important programs that I run. The programs I believe in, am a product of and have had countless clients become success stories from.

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How Often Should I Switch Up My Workout Plan? Why?

Once you’ve gotten into a good workout routine, you need to consider changing it up every now and then! While it is good to use one plan for your initial 6-8 weeks of getting fit and on the right track, after that it’s important to change things up so you work your muscles in different ways and don’t get bored. Keeping things varied will help you sculpt and tone better overall, while allowing you to stay interested and motivated.

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