I am so excited today to fill you in about my experience with Thermage® radiofrequency system treatment. When given the opportunity to have this skin tightening treatment, I was all in! You ladies know full well, I am all about self-love and loving the skin you’re in, however, if there is something out there that can help tighten this mama’s midsection skin, sign me up! Having three babies within four years definitely wreaked havoc on my poor skin.

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Do you Love Yourself Enough not to Binge Through the Holidays?

Every holiday season, I find my countertops filled with sweets. Whether it be cookies, candies, or sweet bread, temptation lies at my fingertips - especially when the temperature drops and I find myself wanting to stay inside to avoid the breezy air! It’s so easy to fall into the bad habit of binging through the holidays, but this year, I encourage you to think, “Do I love myself enough not to?”

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FWTFL: A Home Workout

In my last blogpost, I shared my favorite ways to workout without any equipment necessary. These are the perfect workouts to do at home! Find a place that has lots of space to move around, a place that is cool, and a place where you are comfortable with minimal distractions. For me, this is inside my office or outside on my back patio. I’ll hop on my spin bike or grab my weights for a great workout before I start my day.

Today, I’d like to share a specific FASTer Way to Fat Loss home workout you can do anytime with minimal weights - whether you don’t have access to the gym, can’t make it that day, or are looking for a new workout to motivate you!

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How to Stay on Track With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® When Traveling

When on vacation, it is easy to lose track of our goals. We’re in a new place, with friends and family, and ready to enjoy ourselves - I get it! I’m traveling as I’m writing this on a business trip.  However, this does not mean we have to feed our bodies food that does not fit our goals. Today, I’d like to share a few tips that I use when traveling that not only helps me stay on track during vacation and traveling, but get right back at it with my FASTer Way to Fat Loss routine when I return.

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