Working Out on Vacation: My Top Tips

Vacation can easily become a time when we push our health and fitness goals to the side and use our trip to visit family or to a new place as an excuse to indulge - especially this time of year! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’d like to share my top tips for sticking to a workout routine when you are away from home.

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Intuitive Eating: How to Make Lasting Change

Intuitive Eating is being able to know which macro- and micro-nutrients your body needs without tracking. It means eating to be healthy and not “dieting”. Calorie-counting goes out the window. Rather, the focus becomes listening to your body and giving it the fuel it needs to strive.

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Jenny Mire
Mindset Shift for Lasting Fat Loss

What is your “why” for eating well and exercising? Is it to fit into that old pair of jeans, feel good in a bikini, or see that ideal number on the scale? Often, we set our goals based on appearance, rather than overall health. Our “why” becomes surface level, and in turn our motivation diminishes over time. What if instead of trying to fit into an old pair of jeans, we were motivated by the idea that we could feel better about ourselves, have more energy, and feel strong enough to do anything? This mindset shift will promote fat loss over time, while also building our abilities to think positively about ourselves.

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Building the Courage to Start Your Wellness Journey - 3 Ways to JUST DO IT

When was the last time you tried something that scared you? Was it the start of a new position at work, meeting a new group of friends for book club, or trying a new class out? Looking back now, are you glad you did? It takes courage to start anything new - especially when it regards our health. However, more often than not, we don’t regret doing so. Today, I’d like to share three ways to get started on your wellness journey and take charge of your life!

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5 Ways to Find your Abs During the Holidays

Summer is a season where the weather is hot, salads are a cool treat, and it’s easy to want to be out and about. Flashforward to winter where many of us seek to stay indoors, enjoy warm comfort food, and our activity levels tend to drop. In turn, we may lose sight of our goals and our abs.

What if this holiday season, this didn’t happen? Today I’d like to share 5 ways to help you not only find your abs, but keep them!

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